Near the port runs a bike path, long 24 kilometers, along the magnificent coastline from Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo al Mare.

An itinerary full of amazing views to make you discover and appreciate the beauty of our region and with which you can visit the area and at the same time play sports in Liguria nature.

For sports lovers there's the scuba diving center.
Operative all year long, will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful depths of one of the most interesting seabed of Liguria. You will be accompanied to the discovery of new scenarios in one of most spectacular underwater world.

For those that both at the seaside as in city do not want to give up taking care of body fitness, can choose to spend some time in the gym which is located a short walk from the hotel.
In a welcoming and professional setting you can practice your aerobics exercises and stretching or choose to use modern equipment, always counting on the support of a competent and qualified team.

To not give up your passions you can reserve a game in the tennis courts adjacent to the structure.
Here you can engage in exciting challenges with your friends, just a few steps from the sea before a new refreshing dip and thanks to lighting you can also choose to play in the evening when the sun is down and the air is cooler.

Among the countless selection of sports, you can have a nice soccer match. A few steps from the structure there is a grass field where you can be involved in spectacular matches with your friends.
And if during the day you do not want to miss the beach, thanks to the artificial lighting which the field is provided, you may decide to engage exciting soccer matches during the night.

Castellaro Golf Resort For all golf fans, a few minutes by shuttle service, the Castellaro Golf Clubwith its 9-holes golf course and the wide practice area offers the possibility to play golf with a qonderful sea view.
Strategically located 150 meters above sea level, in a lively Mediterranean bush and kissed by a climate that makes it practicable during all months of the year, is the ideal place to satisfy both the mind of the purest golfer and who love to stay in contact with uncontaminated nature.

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