Sailing school

The Sailing School of Yacht Club Aregai is been active for several years and has brought to the sport of sailing many young people.
The beginning of courses is scheduled to start on June 22nd and includes weekly courses from Monday to Friday with hours 14.30 - 17.30 but can be arranged at different times depending on number of participants.
For guests of the tourist facilities of AREGAI MARINA the course which usually lasts one week is divided in two separate parts:

First part of two days for basic elements (nomenclature of the craft, wind and sails, rigging elementary) at the cost of 70 euros.
Second part of three days to deepen the elements of the early days (sailing, sail balance, turning) at the cost of 80 euros.
In the course are presented simple theoretical concepts and is performed a large practical component in the sea by placing the teaching in the form of entertainment.

The practical is on drift boats that can be individual (Optimist) for kids or with two-people-crew (Feva and 420). Drift sailing is funny and safe. Sailing helps people to improve the balance and coordination, socialize with teammates and, not least, become familiar with the sea!
Lessons are conducted by instructors FIV. At the end of each course is issued a certificate of participation with an indication of the level reached.

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