The salt route

This excursion lasts 9 hours, and winds on a path that goes from the sea to the mountains, allowing you to travel about 100 km. A van will accompany you to Limone Piemonte, from then on you will cross with your bike some truly suggestive stretches of dirt road that can be driven by off-road vehicles: it will be an unforgettable experience for you, a passionate cyclist, that you can tell on your return to all your friends bike lovers!

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La via del sale


  • Colle di Tenda (al confine Italo-Francese)
  • Parco Naturale del Marguareis
  • Bosco delle Navette
  • Monte Saccarello
  • Arma di Taggia
  • Hotel Riviera dei Fiori

It is an unconventional experience: an adventure that starts from an altitude of 1800 meters in Piedmont in Colle di Tenda, on the Italian-French border and immerses itself in a completely carriage road, without particular difficulties, crossing the Marguareis natural park and the Navette wood. Between variations of flora and breathtaking landscapes, we will arrive on the imposing Mount Saccarello, which overlooks the Argentina valley and which will be traveled mainly downhill, to return to the beaches of Liguria! You will have the privilege of experiencing an adventure that you can practice both with muscle mtb and with the e-bike, even with overnight stay in a refuge.


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